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Ara's Treasure hunt in Tikkurila (StoryMOOC)

StoryMOOC chapter 6 - task of the week - creating a location based story.

Aunt Renie was a rich woman, at least that what Ara had heard. It is said that Aunt Renie ran off with the bears, at least, that's how they told the story to spare the children all the gore. But even as an adult, Ara had never heard the story told otherwise. Ara, wondered about the treasure, and thought about bears.

Chapter 1: Seeking out the bears.

Ara is certain that the bears can tell her their secrets, and show her to Aunt Renie's legendary treasures.
The bears are found in the stretch among the trees, with cubs around their feet.

Find Tikkuraitti

Found the bears yet?

Chapter 2: Within the hippo's mouth

Alas, the bears had nothing to share, nothing to say to Ara. They suggest that Ara seek out the Hippo, and that she leans close - for the Hippo only whispers secrets.
Can you find the Hippo?

Can you hear the Hippo whisper?

Chapter 3: The Hippo Tells

Ara finds the Hippo who tells her yet another riddle. The treasure is in the flood, which Margaret Atwood controls. Which flood is this? And where would this flood be found? The Hippo says, in the home of words.

BONUS ROUND: The home of words offers two outcomes.

A. The book Year of the Flood is in the shelf and available. Congratulations - Ara has found that the treasure is in the Year of the Flood. A successful journey!

B. The book Year of the Flood is not in the shelf. The treasure has gone with the Flood! Ara must find the river, to find the Flood. But where to?

Scenario A.
The Year of the Flood
Scenario B

Scenario B: Ara must leave the lost flood for the river. Which river do you think it is?

To the River

Chapter 4: By the River

 Congratulations! The lost flood brought the treasure to the river. Ara has found the treasure and you may sit and contemplate what the treasure is worth, by the scenic river.

The bridge of the river

The river of the flood

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