Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The Metamorphosis

(2011) Published in Pressed by Unseen Feet (ed. R. Drew, A. Gillott), Stairwell Books 2012

For T.F.

She whispers the keywords to
the locked cat ears
accusing, hexing the shallow cackle
that bounces off the September moon.
And perhaps within that curly haired head of hers
all the songs finally begin to make

Heels that mark the floor varnish
with Braille words that come
from her colourful march.
Rashes the insides of her thighs
when the shattered night closes in
vegetating her to the floorboards
she slowly recalls
how to breathe.

The woman is not:
Complete Damaged Form
reshaped and mutilated.
She can play any role but is
inclined to escape
her plan to self-destruct or destroy,
or simply staying on the floor.
Attempting to voice without sound.
Attempting to purr.